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RIGOL DL-3031A electronic bar

RIGOL DL-3031A electronic load is used to check and analyze current, voltage and power indicators in devices such as power supplies, converters or DC to DC converters, batteries and sources of chemical energy production as well as solar cells. This measuring device has been produced by Rigol and launched on the global market.

Technical specifications of the device

RIGOL DL-3031A electronic load has the following technical specifications.

Input DC voltage from 1V to 150V with display sensitivity of 1mv

0 to 60 amp DC input with 1mA display sensitivity

Input DC Watts up to 350 Watts

Protected against overcurrent, reverse voltage, overheat and short circuit

50ppm/°C heat compensation capability

The ability to connect to a computer through RS232/USB/LAN COMMUNICATION INTERFACE

3.4 inch TFT display

Made by RIGOL company

Comes with a 3-year warranty