We are "The True Companion" of Industries

Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Implementation:

One of the main specialties and missions of REPCO is carrying out industrial projects from the engineering and design stage to installation and commissioning stage in the form of EPC and Turnkey.

Also, designing and manufacturing all kinds of boards and electronic and power electronic equipment for various applications in important and basic industries of the country (IRAN) has always been one of the main activities of the company.

The existence of specialized and deep knowledge in the field of analog and digital electronics design as well as industrial electronics has made this mission to be completed in the best possible way and with high quality; Our customers’ satisfaction is the best proof for this claim.

Some other services we offer

Knowledge of the market

One of the important features and services of a trading company is general and detailed knowledge of the market

creativity and innovation

He should be able to use creativity and innovation to attract customers by creating a competitive environment.

Provide accurate advice

Providing detailed advice for product pricing in the destination country

Provision of warehousing services

Provision of warehousing services, how to pack goods and how to load is one of the tasks that a reliable trading company should do.