We are "The True Companion" of Industries

Carrying out specialized and professional repairs on all types of boards, cards and electronic and control modules, industrial and laboratory devices and equipment, especially repairing of all types of power electronic equipment including inverters, converters, rectifiers, AC and DC motor drives, soft starters, chargers, power supplies, different types of frequency converters, as well as industrial automation equipment and HMI for different industries of the country (IRAN), made Repco known as one of the best companies providing repair services in the field of electrical and electronic devices and equipment.

A significant number of defective and obsolete industrial equipment, has been diagnosed, repaired, rebuilt and in some cases upgraded for the first time in the country by Repco company specialists. This equipment mainly due to reasons such as the impossibility of receiving technical support from the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) due to sanctions or their being out of order, were out of production. Of course, it should be said that the lack of economic efficiency in the optimal use of this defective equipment has been another reason.

Such activities of Repco company, has created significant value for industrial owners and has prevented the outflow of foreign exchange resources in such bad economic conditions

Some other services we offer

Knowledge of the market

One of the important features and services of a trading company is general and detailed knowledge of the market

creativity and innovation

He should be able to use creativity and innovation to attract customers by creating a competitive environment.

Provide accurate advice

Providing detailed advice for product pricing in the destination country

Provision of warehousing services

Provision of warehousing services, how to pack goods and how to load is one of the tasks that a reliable trading company should do.