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Microohm meter model 6237 DLRO

Micro ohm meter model 6237 DLRO made by SEW Taiwan has the ability to measure with four terminals. Digital micro ohm meter SEW-6237 DLRO is equipped with voltage and temperature protection. Digital micro ohm meter 6237 has the ability to measure in six ranges (0- 2.00mΩ, 0-20.00mΩ, 0-200.0mΩ, 0-2.000Ω, 0-20.00Ω, 0-200.0Ω) with a resolution of 1uΩ. The SEW-6237 DLRO model made by SEW company has Auto Hold and automatic shutdown. It has the IEC/EN 61010-1 standard.

Technical specifications of the device

SEW-6237 DLRO digital microohm meter, made in Taiwan

Measuring low resistances

Measurement with four terminals

Protection against unwanted connection to overvoltage

It has 6 measurement ranges with a resolution of 1 microohm

With Auto Hold and automatic shutdown

It has a long life and rechargeable battery

Has IEC/EN 61010-1 standard

Comes with a 1-year warranty