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Mastech 6550B model laser thermometer

Technical specifications of the device:

LCD screen with backlight

Has a laser beam for better targeting

USB interface to connect the device to the computer

Display the minimum, maximum, difference and average measurement values

Ability to display temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit units

It has a storage memory of up to 100 measurement groups

Using infrared to measure temperature

Ability to adjust the sensitivity by adjusting the emission in the range of 0.01 to 1

50 to 1 distance to measurement point ratio

Automatic shutdown after 15 seconds

Measurement error up to 1.5%

Support for K series external thermocouples in the range of -40 to +1370 degrees Celsius.

Temperature measurement range in the range of -32 to +1650 degrees Celsius

Sampling time up to 500 milliseconds

Resolution of temperature display up to 0.1 °C